2011-2016 Strategic Plan

USF’s 2011-2016 Strategic Plan articulates the university’s key focuses and provides direction for university leadership and the university community alike.
Here is a summary of the plan’s key objectives:



Transform students into leaders inspired by Franciscan values and tradition to serve and shape our world.

Francis was transformed when he prayed at the San Damiano Chapel and heard the words:

“Francis, go and repair my house, which you can see is all being destroyed”


Primo unctio…
(Holiness first…)



In order to achieve the vision, USF will build on our Catholic Intellectual Tradition, create a welcoming environment and provide opportunities for USF students, faculty, administration and staff to model Franciscan values as servant leaders

Objective: More fully integrate the Catholic Social Teachings into the ethos of the University to strengthen our Catholic Identity

Objective: Create a university that reflects, affirms, and celebrates the diverse populations of the communities we serve

Objective: Develop vibrant relationships rooted in the tenets of Franciscan tradition with a special focus on the growing Hispanic/Latino community



… et Postea Speculatio
(…and then learning)



In order to achieve the vision, USF will further distinguish its academic programs with exemplary experiential learning opportunities, developing virtuous leaders in light of both faith and reason, and cultivating a disciplined and compassionate sensitivity to human solidarity in an increasingly technological and diverse global reality.

Objective: Enhance transformational learning through University-wide experiential learning and distinctive leadership opportunities in the Franciscan tradition

Objective: Ensure that the student outcomes for major and general education programs reflect Catholic Franciscan traditions including sustainability, recognizing connections between disciplines, and preparing students for a diverse, information-rich, global society

Objective: Align academic resources to support compelling new programs and those existing programs with opportunity for success and distinction



… to use with discernment the gifts God gives.




In order to achieve the vision, the University will strengthen fiscal stability and stewardship

Objective: Increase net enrollment revenue while developing new revenue sources

Objective: Driven by our Franciscan tradition and values, improve operational efficiencies across the University with a focus on sustainability and good stewardship of resources that will grow and direct the use of our resources in support of the mission

Objective: Increase philanthropic giving in support of the University vision and mission