Student Insurance

To: Parents, Guardians and Full-Time Undergraduate Students
From: Damon Sloan, Dean of Students
Subject: Mandatory Student Health Insurance Coverage For Full-Time Undergraduate Students

The University of St. Francis promotes student wellness and, to the extent possible, prevention of sickness and injury while students are here at the university. We want to ensure students receive the medical care and treatment they need and moreover, have the ability to pay for these services.

Because so many students come to school without health insurance, it is this University’s requirement that all full time (12 credit hours or more) undergraduate students have health insurance coverage. Please review your Health Insurance Plan to determine if it will provide coverage while your student attends the University of St. Francis.

The University of St. Francis uses a highly regarded health insurance company to provide student health insurance coverage and the cost of this plan is automatically added to your tuition statement. If you have other comparable coverage please complete the online portal health insurance waiver process. Completion of the waiver process will eliminate the insurance cost from your tuition statement. To complete the insurance waiver process, click here.

The yearly health and athlete insurance has been offered at a very reasonable cost with rates having remained stable for the past three years. The 2013-2014 insurance cost is $1,096 for non-athletes and $1,496 for athletes. Athletes pay at a higher rate due to the higher risk of injury. Half of the premium is paid in the fall with the other half paid in the spring. If you utilize this insurance for the fall semester you cannot drop insurance for the spring semester unless you are graduating at that time. You may choose to maintain health insurance independently or purchase the University health insurance plan.


Before waiving the student health insurance plan, please take a moment to consider the following:

Is your plan an HMO or PPO?
Health insurance under an HMO or PPO program often limits benefits for out of network medical treatment. Please verify with your health plan provider what is covered while your student is away at school. Benefits may be limited!

Does your plan include an “Age Off Provision”?
Verify with your health insurance carrier when students age off the family plan. Often families discover too late that their health insurance no longer covers their student, because of an “Age Off”provision. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until this occurs and you find yourself without insurance and with costly medical bills.

Does your family health insurance plan pay 100% of all medical expenses?
If your insurance does not pay 100% of medical expenses frequently incurred by this age group, consider purchasing this plan. It is designed to help cover these expenses and can fill in the gaps.


How to Apply?

Coverage is automatically billed to full time undergraduate students and is included on the tuition billing statement unless you submit insurance waiver information via our web site.

How does the student get his ID card?
The student can access their printable ID card by going to the following website: Follow the prompts after entering the University of St. Francis as the School Name.