Casey Sachen, “The Bluesmoke Project: A Documentation of Scooter Rallies”

Dates: February 5 through March 14, 2011

Description: This exhibition is a photo-document of various scooter clubs of North America and Europe. The images examine the clubs, fanaticism, and culture of this often-unfamiliar subculture.

The Blue Smoke Project is a photographic documentary dedicated to scooter rallies. This project takes you on a first hand visual journey through the subculture of vintage scooter rallies; the machines, the people, the lifestyle, and the beauty.

The project began on California’s west coast and is traveling east to encompass rallies from all over North America and Europe. This will extend the project to show the similarities and differences between rallies all over the world.

Sachen states, “My work is about capturing city life and preserving it through my photographs. I want to relay the realism of a moment in time while it sits in its environment. I try to approach each photograph with integrity and give whatever subject matter the respect it deserves. I will not change what I am photographing to try to find a better shot. This tarnishes the images and takes a sense of reality out of it.

I want people to look at my work and feel a connection to it. I want them to react to the work how they see fit. I’m not looking to control a person’s emotion, but want them to open their mind and see the world a different way. I want them to have their own relationship with the photograph. I want them to have their own moment in time.”

The ultimate goal in this project is to compile a book that will show the uniqueness of scooter rallies and the community that makes them happen.

Casey Sachen is a Chicago photographer and an avid scooter rider. Presented in the exhibition are approximately 45 prints and documentation from various bike tours.

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