Art & Design – Graphic Design Concentration


Art & Design – Graphic Design Concentration

The Graphic Design concentration addresses both experimental and traditional design practices. This program addresses digital, history, portfolio, theory, and seminar courses in a format that allows the student to apply skills in and out of the classroom. Specifically, students develop foundation design skills coupled with internships in the graphic design industry. Ideally, upon completion of the program students will hold a skill-set that prepares them for careers as a design professional in print and web-based media.

Total Hours: 52 semester hours

Required Core Courses (16 semester hours)
2-D Design Principles (3)
Art & Design Foundations (3)
All of the following:
3-D Design Principles (3)
Contemporary Art Practices I (3)
Portfolio Development (3)
Art & Design Seminar (3)
Visual Arts Thesis (1)

Art History Core Courses (9 semester hours from the following)
Art & Culture Travel Studies (3)
Ancients, Medieval, Non-European Art History (3)
Renaissance to Modern Art History (3)
Art Now (3)*
20th Century Art (3)
Film and Photography Visual Culture (3)*
Comics and Graphic Novels: A Seminar (3)*

*Writing Intensive – One of these courses must be taken

Graphic Design Required Concentration and Core (27 semester hours)
Required courses for concentration (18 semester hours)
Typography 1 (3)
Photo 1 (3)
Introduction to Individual Studio (3)
Typography 2 (3)
Digital Art (3)
Digital Studio (3)
Select 9 semester hours from the following
Topics in Art & Design (3)
Art & Culture Travel Studies (3)
Screen Printing (3)
Color Photography (3)
Comics and Graphic Novels: A Seminar (3)
The Photobook (3)
Topics in Photography (3)
Topics in Art & Design (3)
Individual Studio Projects (3)
Digital Photography (3)
Intro to Graphic Communication (3)
Web Page Design (3)
2D Animation (3)
3D Animation (3)
Website Design (3)
Digital Imagining and Illustration (3)
Digital Illustration (3)


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