Art & Design – Photography Minor


Minor Program in Photography (18 total hours)

This program in Photography couples digital and wet darkroom approaches in photography. The student is introduced applied and theory-based approaches in photography. During the course of study, the student is works with 35mm (film and digital), medium format, large format cameras, studio lighting, and various printing and presentation methods.

Select 18 hours from the list below.

Courses required for the minor (12 hours):
Photo 1 – 3 s.h.
Documentary Photography – 3 s.h.
Color Photography – 3 s.h.
Film and Photo Visual Culture – 3 s.h.

Select 6 hours from the following:
Art and Culture Travel Studies (3)
Screen Printing (3)
Intro. to Individual Studio (3)
Digital Art (3)
Photo 2 (3)
Studio Lighting (3)
Portrait Photography (3)
Alternative Photo Practices (3)
The Photobook (3)
Topics in Photography (3)
Topics in Art (3)
Directed Study (3)
Independent Study (3)
Individual Studio Projects (3)
Digital Photography (3)