Communication & Media Arts

On camera, behind the microphone and on the front page—these are just a few of the places you’ll find Communication and Media Arts majors at the University of St. Francis.

The media are changing at an unbelievably rapid pace. Our concepts about what constitutes “mass” media are changing, too. Digital media, wikis, video sharing, podcasts, blogs, and social media are changing the way we communicate individually, in small groups and “enmasse.” These new media have drastically affected more traditional mass communication specialties such as advertising, public relations, journalism and broadcasting. The theories of how we communicate are still valid. It’s the wide variety of new communication channels and new, powerful and inexpensive tools that has altered the Mass Communication game.

To maintain a competitive edge in these fields, it is critical to have the formal training and the hands-on experience that employers now demand. The Communication & Media Arts faculty at USF combine a wealth of professional experience with a passion for the material to sculpt the theories and abstractions into concrete lessons. Whether you choose Journalism/Public Relations, Broadcasting or Media Arts, you will understand how and why communication theory affects the nuts and bolts of mass media production.


Jump in!

Students are encouraged to “jump in with both feet” from the moments they step on campus:


The equipment is there, faculty and student supervision and training are available. If a student wants to create, we give them the tools and opportunity.


Learning explodes

The multimedia lab explodes with life via state-of-the-art equipment that allows students to have hands-on experience with professional software packages. The Mac Labmasscomm4a lets students create print graphics, web page designs, 2D/3D animations and graphic design for multimedia and audio-video productions. New video editing software and equipment supplements the hands-on, creative environment that USF offers students.