Media Clubs

There are three clubs that affiliated with the communication & media arts department at the University of St. Francis. The Encounter Newspaper, 88.7 the Edge Radio Station and T.V. Club are a great way for students to interact and learn to work with each other outside of the classroom. Although mostly communication & media arts majors are involved with these clubs, they are open to everyone on campus.

Every media club provides a place for students to get to know each other more and create life time friends. It also provides a way to get to know more of the student body and surrounding community. Learning about the community could provide contacts that will be useful in obtaining a career after college. All the work done in these three media clubs can be put on a resume. They are a way to apply and build on skills learned in the classroom.

If a participant is ever unsure of what to do, every club has a faculty advisor to ask. Brien McHugh oversees the Encounter. Dr. Scott Marshall is in charge of 88.7 the Edge. Professor Richard Lorenc runs T.V. Club. Most importantly joining the media clubs are about the experience and having fun.


Campus Media