Student Work

Visual: “Healthbeat” cover/USF 90th Anniversary cover

Public Relations/Advertising/Journalism students research, write and design custom publications for a
variety of clients. “Healthbeat” is a constituent newsletter for the USF Health and Wellness Center. USF 90th Anniversary issue was a 24 page commemorative edition filled with pictures and stories.


Visual: DJ Manpower live on air on 88.7 The Edge.

For nearly two decades, USF’s student-run radio station has offered a 24-hour-a-day, seven days a week
programing of punk and alternative music. From from Thanksgiving through New Years 88.7 runs a special program of holiday and Christmas music. Spirit of Christmas consistently shows up in the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area Arbitron ratings.


Visual: Exploring Joliet Screenshot, interview with Carey Villega and Patrick Keating.

Exploring Joliet is a weekly, 30-minute show produced in collaboration with the City of Joliet. Students in this class receive real-world experience covering news in Joliet, and this experience broadens and enhances their academic classroom experience. This is hands-on learning at its best and one of the benefits of a small university experience.


Visual: “Happy Birthday Surprise” Animation Graphic

2D Animation students had to imagine, create, and animate their own takes on the animated greeting
card emails often sent and received today. This cheery birthday box sent birthday greetings to recipients. The animation opened with a bird dropping off the present. The present would then bounce to the beat of an upbeat song before finally opening and expelling confetti and birthday greetings to the receiver. The animation was designed by Taylor. The entire class created several 2D animation pieces including a flip book, the birthday greetings, and a Sesame Street animation.


Visual: “Arkival” Marks Project Intro to Graphic Communication students had to select from a sample sheet of 4 clients to create an identity system.

The clients ranged in taste and art influences. The images below were based on the first client and were designed by student Sarah Tuck. The art historical movements that influenced the work included Classical, Neo-Classical, and Ancient. The above designs are a symbol, combination mark, and a letter mark. The designs had to be created for both color and black and white. The entire Intro to Graphic Communication class created several pieces including an author layout, TV graphics, the Identity system, and a movie poster project.