Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled. Anyone can be an entrepreneur provided they can recognize opportunities where others do not and do not feel constrained because they lack resources. Pursuing a major in entrepreneurship enables individuals to develop conceptual thinking skills needed to make decisions on options available, generate new ideas and ask questions related to why and how things work. Successful entrepreneurs must learn how to communicate their ideas clearly and get other people excited about their ideas.


Who is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are ambitious and visualize success by learning about successful startups and gaining insight into how businesses start and grow. Entrepreneurs are flexible in adjusting to the unexpected while learning to think in a creative and critical manner.


Why USF?

USF’s entrepreneurship classes are designed to give budding entrepreneurs the tools to turn a new idea into reality and to view their careers in a different light. The USF College of Business & Health Administration entrepreneur major enables students to build a practical foundation to building and creating a business through coursework and experiential learning opportunities. Students “learn by doing” throughout the course of their studies and are provided a foundation for the start-up of their own businesses.


B.B.A./M.B.A. Five-Year Option

In the final two semesters before graduation, senior business majors who intend to continue with an M.B.A. at the University of St. Francis may take graduate level M.B.A. courses for undergraduate credit to meet undergraduate requirements. Students who take two M.B.A. courses in their senior year are eligible to complete their M.B.A. in one year (attending full-time). See course catalog for additional details.