Key Features

An innovative program for busy professionals

  • A focus on servant leadership as viewed through a Catholic/Franciscan lens (kind, caring, compassionate, and mission-driven toward helping others.)
  • In the coursework, candidates will be presented with leadership dilemmas to be solved in an ethical manner.
  • Dissertation work begins shortly after the research methods courses; thereby, offering the opportunity for candidates to apply their learning in real-life situations.
  • Dissertation topics are focused on solving real-life problems faced by today’s leaders.
  • The dissertation is broken into manageable pieces that are addressed in research courses.
  • Candidates will have guidance and support in a highly individualized approach used throughout the dissertation process.
  • Courses will be delivered in a blended format consisting of a combination of on-campus, on-line, and writers’ workshop sessions.
  • Candidates carry 6 credit hours per semester (including the summer) and can complete the program in 3.5 years.
  • Candidates belong to a cohort that offers networking opportunities, guaranteed course offerings, a defined program sequence, and a genuine learning community.
  • Performance-based assessments are used in each course to provide an opportunity to apply what was learned.
  • Candidates are recognized as unique individuals. Teaching is differentiated to meet their diverse needs and to help them to succeed.
  • Tuition rate is competitive and locked in through graduation.
  • Individualized success is emphasized throughout the program.