Program Requirements

Thirty-six hours of graduate level courses (below) are required to earn a K-12 Visual Arts professional educator license. To earn a masters following certification, a teacher candidate must successfully complete Methods of Educational Research (4). A GPA of 3.25 (4.0) is necessary for advancement.

*Must already have an undergraduate degree with a major in the visual arts


Visual Arts Professional Educator License (K-12)
Core Courses

Teaching in a Diverse Society (3)
Beginning Field Experience (0)
Educational Psychology (3)
Reading & Writing in the Content Areas (3)
Middle School Curriculum & Instruction (3)
Survey of the Exceptional Individual (3)
Instructional Technology (3)
Intermediate Field Experience (0)
Classroom Management (3)
Methods of Teaching ELEM Visual Arts Content (3)
Methods of MS/HS Visual Arts (3)
Advanced Field Experience (8)
Professional Growth Seminar (1)

Licensure Total 36 semester hours

Methods of Educational Research (4)

M.Ed. (Master’s Degree) Total 40 semester hours


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