Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a Subsequent License from the University of St. Francis?
A: Schedule a meeting with Jurate Harris, College of Education Graduate Advisor. She can be reached at (815)740-3604 or by email

Q: In what area(s) can I earn a Subsequent License?
A: a. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION b. SPECIAL EDUCATION c. SECONDARY EDUCATION (Science: Biology; Mathematics; Social Science: History; English: Language Arts)

Q: What are the steps to starting at USF?
A: Contact Jurate Harris, the College of Education Graduate Advisor, to secure an application packet.
Complete the application and return it with a copy of your teaching license(s) and your official
transcripts to her office S313 in Tower Hall at 500 Wilcox Joliet, IL 60435. From the transcripts an Academic Subsequent Certificate Plan (ASCP) will be created to reveal General and
Core Education deficiencies.

Q: If I have already taken core education courses, will I have to take them again?
A: You will need to take a minimum of 9 semester hours at the University of St. Francis to receive a Subsequent License. If the transferred Core Education courses are more than 7 years old, each case will be looked at individually to determine if the candidate’s experiences and previous course work will be accepted.

Q: Will I have to do student teaching again?
A: The state requires that you do a field experience. Jurate Harris, College of Education Graduate Advisor in conjunction with the College of Education will determine necessary field experience upon review of the candidate’s teaching experiences.

Q: Are there any other tests that I need to take for the Subsequent License?
A: If you have never taken it, you will need to have passed the Basic Skills Test 300. You will need to pass a content test and the Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) prior to certificate issuance.

Q: If I have questions about this process, whom do I contact?
A: Contact Jurate Harris at (815) 740-3604 or Her office is located in Tower Hall
Room S313 at 500 Wilcox, Joliet, IL 60435.