MUSIC EDUCATION MAJOR (K-12 Certification) (85-88 semester hours)
General Education Requirements

College Writing I (3)
Core II: College Writing II or College Writing II (3)
Core III: Foundations of Western Thought or One course from: ENGL, MUSC, VART, HIST, FORL (3)
Math (3)
Science (3-4)
One from: Math, Science, or Computer Science (3)
Into to Literature (3)
Our Musical Heritage (3)
Two from: Theology (6)
Two from: Philosophy (6)
History Course (3)
Social Science 2 courses from 2 disciplines (6)

Core Professional Education Courses

Instructional Technology (3)
Transfer Seminar (Transfer students only) (1)
Teaching in a Diverse Society (3)
Fine Arts Beginning Field Experience (1)
Educational Psychology (3)
Survey of Exceptional Individual (3)
History & Philosophy of Education (3)

Program Specific Courses

Music Theory and Musicianship (12 semester hours)
Music Core Requirements(25-28 semester hours)

Music Theory I (2)
Music Theory II (2)
Music Theory III (2)
Music Theory IV (2)
Ear-Training/Sight-Singing I (1)
Ear-Training/Sight-Singing II (1)
Ear-Training/Sight-Singing III (1)
Ear-Training/Sight-Singing IV (1)

Music History and Literature (9 semester hours)

Music History I (3)
Music History II (3)
Introduction to Ethnomusicology (3)

Performance Skills/Applied Music (5-8 semester hours)

Concert/Recital Attendance (0) – Full time music majors must enroll every semester. Course is a transcript requirement for graduation. No credit is awarded.
Keyboard Skills–Class Piano (1) – May be repeated for credit for a total 4 hours. Music Majors must pass a keyboard proficiency exam by the end of the first semester of their junior year. They may test out of the Keyboard Skills Classes at any time.
Choral Conducting I (2)
Choral Conducting II (2)

Performance Ensemble (7 semester hours)

Schola Cantorum (1)
Concert Chorale (1)
Music Theatre/Opera Theatre (1)
Joliet Symphony Orchestra (1)
Instrumental Chamber Ensemble (1)
Full time students must participate in at least one ensemble per semester. A minimum of seven credit hours pf performance ensemble is required for graduation.

Choral/Vocal Concentration

Applied Piano (1*) AND/OR
Advanced Applied Piano (1*) AND/OR
Applied Voice (1)* AND/OR
Advanced Applied Voice (1*)
*Each hour of applied or advanced applied music credit entails one half hour of private instruction per week. Students must take 7 hours of applied music courses. Students may repeat applied course to a maximum of 4 hours at each level.

Additional Music Core Requirements (14 semester hours)

Diction I: English and Italian (2)
Diction II: French and German (2)
Choral Literature, Methods & Materials (2)
Instrumental Techniques for Winds (1)
Instrumental Techniques for Brass (1)
Instrumental Techniques for Strings (1)
Instrumental Techniques for Percussion (1)
Vocal Pedagogy I (2)
Intro to Music Education (2)
Junior Recital (0)
Senior Recital (0)

Professional Semester I

Principles and Methods of Music Education: Elementary and Middle School (3)
Principles and Methods of Music Education: Secondary Level (3)
Fine Arts (K-12) Intermediate Field Experience (2)

Professional Semester II

Professional Growth Seminar (1)
Fine Arts (K-12) Advanced Field Experience (12)


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