Secondary Education Curriculum


Students seeking secondary education certification must major in one of the following areas of study. Please see the major area of study for specific requirements and regulations.


In addition to major content courses, students seeking secondary education certification must
complete the general education requirements.

General Education Requirements

Foundations I or one course from: ENGL, MUSC, VART, HIST, FORL (3)
College Writing I (3)
College Writing I (3)
Foundations II or College Writing II (3)
Speech (3)
Introduction to Literature (3)
One from: Fine Arts, Music or Visual Arts (3)
Two from: Theology (6)
Two from: Philosophy (6)
One from: Non-West Cultures/Diversity/Global (3)
One from: History (3)
Two from: Social Science (two different disciplines) (6)

Additional Requirements for:

Social Science – History Majors
One from: Earth Science (4)
One from: Math, Science or Computer Science (3-4)
American National Government (for one Social Science requirement) (3)
Principles of Macroeconomics (for one Social Science requirement) (3)


English – Language Arts Majors
One from: Math (3)
One from: Math, Science or Computer Science (3-4)


Math – Math Majors
One from: Science (3-4)


Core Professional Education Courses

Instructional Technology (3)
Human Relations for Teachers (for students who transfer EDUC 210) (2)
Teaching in a Diverse Society (3)
Beginning Field Experience (1)
Educational Psychology (3)
Learners with Exceptional and Diverse Needs (3)
History and Philosophy of Education (3)
Psychology and Development of the Middle School Child (3)
Reading and Writing in the Content Area (3)


Professional Semester I

Middle School Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction (3)
Discipline and Classroom Management (2)
Secondary Intermediate Field Experience (2)
Methods of Teaching in the Secondary School (3)
(Biology, English/Language Arts, Social Science and Mathematics majors only)


Professional Semester II

Professional Growth Seminar (1)
Secondary Advanced Field Experience (6-12) (12)
Evidence of Teaching Proficiency (1)
Note: For specific major program requirements for secondary certification programs, see separate listings under the Biology, English: Language Arts, Social Science: History, Mathematics, and Music Education programs.


Endorsement Areas


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