Curriculum: DNP

The DNP program is delivered online by faculty members who bring cutting-edge technology and practice to your learning experience. The DNP student will provide and direct primary health care to individual patients and families, promote the public’s health, manage vulnerable populations who experience health disparities, manage and direct provider services, and influence health care policy. The elderly, patients with chronic physical and mental illnesses, families at-risk, and women and children in violence shelters are proposed emphases of study, but students may specialize in vulnerable populations they plan to work with upon graduation.


Major Program (40-45 semester hours)*

Professional and Organizational Communication (4)
Information Management in Advanced Practice (4)
Healthcare Policy, Politics and Practice (4)
Diversity and Social Justice Issues in a Global Society (4)
Advanced Quantitative and Qualitative Research (4)
Healthcare Finance and Practice Management (4)
Advanced Practice Role Selective (4)
Translational Research Scholarly Initiative: Development (4)
Translational Research Scholarly Initiative: Completion and Dissemination (4)
Advanced Practice Role Fellowship (4)


Optional Education Concentration

Teaching in Nursing (3)
Nursing Education Methods and Measurement (3)
Nursing Education Practicum (200 clock hours) (3)

*Students choosing to complete the optional Education Concentration will take NURS 645 in place of NURS 916 for a total of 45 semester hours.


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