RN-BSN Fast Track Admission Requirements

USF Admission Requirements

  • An application with fee
  • Proof of current licensure as a registered nurse
  • Transcripts of all college work and/or prior nursing education
  • Proof of professional liability insurance


Admission Requirements to the RN-BSN Fast Track Program

  • Completed health records, including an initial 2-step with annual 1-step PPD
  • Two employer references attesting to clinical competencies
  • Proof of current CPR certification
  • Current HIPAA documentation
  • Current OSHA documentation


For those who don’t have information from their workplace that can be forwarded regarding OSHA/HIPAA updates, you can find tutorials on the USF webpage:


OSHA and HIPAA should be updated annually.

For background check and drug screening information, go to: www.certifiedbackground.com


Payment Options

RN-BSN Fast Track students may take advantage of a tuition deferment plan if they are part of an employer-funded education program. Monthly payment plans are also available.
Learn more about Financial Aid opportunities.