Sample Education Plan Bridge Program

Year 1 at JJC

First Semester at JJC
ENG 101 (3) Rhetoric
PSYC 101 (3) General Psychology CHEM 100 or 101 (required for USF) or MATH 128 Into to Statistics (3)
BIO 250 (4) Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Second Semester at JJC
NURS 140 (2) Basic Nursing Procedures
NURS 150 (8) Concepts of Nursing Practice I
NURS 163 (3) Pharmacology and Nursing Process I
HEAL 109 (2) Principles of Normal Nutrition

Third Semester at JJC
NURS 160 (8) Concepts of Nursing Practice II
NURS 164 (1) Concepts in Pediatric Nursing
BIO 251 (4) Human Anatomy and Physiology II
PSYCH 215 (3) Life Span: A Survey of Human Development


Year 2 at JJC – Begin the bridge to USF

First Semester at JJC
Bio 240
NURS 250Z Concepts of Professional Nursing or NURS 365Z
Physical Assessment for RN’s

Second Semester at JJC
NURS 250 Concepts III
SOC 290
SPCH 101

Third Semester at JJC
NURS 260 Concepts IV
Elective to fulfill USF Liberal Education


NURS 421Z or NURS 416Z

Then, the remainder of the major nursing courses are at USF.