Curriculum: RN-BSN Fast Track

Program Requirements

The following are required for admission to the RN-BSN Fast Track Program:

  • Advanced placement credit (34 semester hours) is granted upon submission of transcripts from an associate or diploma nursing program.
  • A minimum of 15 semester hours of transfer coursework in the following lower division general education areas:
    • Communications
    • Social/Behavioral Science
    • Math/Science
    • Humanities/Fine Arts


Required Core Courses (34 semester hours upper division courses)

Concepts of Professional Nursing (3)
Physical Assessment for RNs (3)
Nursing Research (3)
Health Policy, Finance and Informatics (2)
Ministry of Nursing (3)
Community Health Nursing (4)
Applied Clinical Concepts (4)
Leadership and Management (3)
Professional Nursing Seminar (3)

Additional Requirements

  • Nutrition is required through transfer or at USF (Human Nutrition challenge exam available)


Required Electives

Choose two upper division electives for 6 semester hours. Challenge exams are an option for students who prefer to study a subject on their own and receive credit by successfully passing an exam. Challenge exams are available in the following nursing elective courses:

Spiritual and Ethnocultural Aspects of Nursing (3)
Client Education (3)
Pain-Concept Management (3)
Health Care and Aging (3)

Or, students may take 6 hours at the Graduate Level toward completion of the teaching in nursing certification. The additional 3 hours may be completed for the certificate. This option is chosen by many MSN-oriented students.

Teaching in Nursing (3)
Nursing Education Methods and Measurement (3)
Nursing Education Practicum (3)

Or, students may choose upper-division electives from related fields such as psychology, philosophy, education, history and fine arts.

The following courses can be part of the choice of electives that RN-BSN Fast Track students take to complete their BSN degree:

End of Life (1)
Writing for Presentation – Writing Intensive (WI) (3)
Therapeutic Communication (1)
Complimentary Therapies in Nursing (1)


Required USF courses for the Leach College of Nursing’s general education coursework

Understanding Literature and the Arts (3)
Founders of Modern World (3)
Introduction to Statistics (3)
Science Requirement Satisfied with Associate Degree in Nursing (3)
Writing for Professionals (3) (must be taken at USF)
Christianity in the Modern World (3) (must be taken at USF)

Total number of hours for BSN degree: 128

For more curriculum information, see the University Catalog