Core Requirements (42 semester hours)

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)
Criminal Law (3)
Introduction to Corrections (3)
Juvenile Justice System (3)
Criminology (3)
Social Justice Issues (3)
Criminal & Social Justice Research Methods (3)
Criminal Justice and Diversity Issues (3)
Comparative Justice Systems (3)
Law Enforcement & Society (3)
White Collar Crime(3)** OR Topics: (3)
Internship (6)
American Constitutional Law II (3)


Concentrations (9 semester hours)

Students must choose from one of six concentrations. Each concentration requires a minimum of three (3) courses from a single concentration. At least one course must be at the 300-400 level.

Law & Politics
Introduction to Law (3)
Legal process/Mock Trial (3)
American Public Policy (3)
Terrorism (3)
White Collar Crime (3)
Topics: (3)

**Side note: if a student completed CSJU 410 to fulfill the requirement within the major, the student must choose a different course to complete the 9 hours within the concentration (no “double-dipping”)

Life-Span Development (3)
Abnormal Psychology (3)
Introduction to Forensic Psychology (3)
Psychology of Terrorism (3)
Adolescent Behavior (3)
Personality (3)

Social Work
Social Policy II (3)
The Legal System and the Helping Profession (3)
Social Work Practice I (3)
Social Work Practice II (3)
Social Work in a Pluralistic Society (3)

Human Biology/Lab (4)
Foundations of Chemistry/Lab (5)
Directed Study: Forensics (2)
Introduction to Forensic Psychology (3)

Languages & Cultural Diversity
Intermediate or Advanced language course (minimum 6)
Cultural Diversity Topics (requires advisor approval) (3)
Practicum (must be in a “diverse” setting that exposes the student to a culture different from his/her own) (3)

Leadership (for practicing law enforcement officers) All courses offered online.
Leadership Principles (3)
Interpersonal Communications in the Workplace (3)
Team Building and Development (3)
Strategies for Change (3)
Ethics in the Workplace (3)
Human Resource Issues for Leaders (3)
Contemporary Issues in Leadership (3)


Specified General Education Required (12 semester hours):

Introduction to Statistics (3)
General Psychology (3)
Contemporary Issues Ethics (3)
State and Local Politics (3)

Minor Program

Criminal and Social Justice (18 Semester hours)

Required Courses: (15 semester hours)
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)
Corrections (3)
Criminology (3)
Social Justice Issues (3)
Law Enforcement and Society (3)
Elective Course (3 semester hours)
Choose one course from the following:

Criminal Law (3)
Terrorism (3)
Criminal Procedures (3)
Criminal Evidence (3)
Criminal and Social Justice Research Issues (3)
Criminal Justice and Diversity Issues (3)
White Collar Crime (3)
Topics in Criminal and Social Justice (3)
American Constitutional Law II (3)
Legal Process/Mock Trial (3)
American Public Policy (3)

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