What can I do with an English degree?

The English program opens the door to a wide range of career options, including market and legal research, library science, writing, business management, public relations and teaching. English also is excellent preparation for graduate work in law, business, public administration, library science, education and advanced literary study.

English majors have strong backgrounds for many of today’s hottest careers. The job outlook is good for grant writers, editors, teachers, librarians, and specialists in public relations and corporate communications. English majors’ broad-based skills make them an easy fit for today’s job market in business, industry and government.

Several USF graduates in English have gone on to study law. The critical thinking skills developed through working on papers as well as the ability to use the language eloquently, succinctly and persuasively serve future attorneys well.

However, for those with strong writing and editing skills, law is not the only option. A writer is not just someone who is working on the next great American novel. A writer also can find work writing newsletters, lyrics, poetry, speeches and technical pieces, or as a reporter or correspondent. They even may construct crossword puzzles.

Public relations is another avenue one may pursue. This field can combine one’s creativity with learned skills to produce advertising pieces, brochures, news releases and feature stories. Though every job opportunity has varied outlooks and incomes, the one certainty is that any graduate of USF’s English program will be well-prepared to meet the challenging demands of a wide variety of occupations.

With a little creativity and a firm grasp of the language, the possibilities are only as limited as one’s imagination.