Environmental Studies (Minor)

The Environmental Studies minor introduces students to the scientific, technological, management, policy, legal, cultural, and ethical dimensions of environmental issues. This minor is designed to complement any major program with an interdisciplinary environmental perspective. Additionally, the Environmental Studies minor seeks to enhance the student’s ability to view the world with a Franciscan reverence for all creation.

Required Courses (19 Courses)

Environment and Humanity (3)
Environmental Issues (3)

Natural Sciences (choose one of the following)

Botany (4)
Ecology (4)
Chemistry and the Environment (4)
Introduction to Physical Science (4)
Earth Science (4)

Ethics (choose one of the following)

Contemporary Issues in Ethics (3)
Ethics and Environmental Issues (3)

Social Sciences and Humanities (choose one of the following)

Business, Society and Environment (3)
Introduction to Anthropology (3)

Interdisciplinary internship/research (choose one of the following)

Internship (3)
Independent Study (3)