Management of Training & Development

Below are the courses and course descriptions to receive a Management of Training & Development graduate certificate

12 credit hours. All are required.

Management of Training and Development (3)
Examines management processes and responsibilities as they pertain to training and development programs. It includes management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, motivating and controlling. There is special emphasis on the manager as an internal performance consultant. The course addresses the processes of influence, collaboration and negotiation as they apply to the role of a manager of learning programs for adults.

Managing E-learning (3)
Principles of management strategies are examined in the administration of e-learning technology systems. Best practices in establishing policies, processes and procedures are addressed. Consideration is given to effective technologies, budgets and legal issues. Plans are developed for the support of learners and faculty. Evaluation processes include benchmarking and data tracking.

Marketing of Continuing Education and Training (3)
Examines the concepts in marketing continuing education and training programs to both internal and external audiences. It uses the approach that learning programs must be developed as a service or a product that is priced, placed and promoted. This is true whether the target market is internal or external to the organization, whether the program is mandatory or optional, or whether it is expected to be revenue generating, cost recovery, or conform to a budget.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting (3)
Explores the issues and the practice of leadership in continuing education and training. It takes a project management approach to long-range strategic planning, developing and refining mission statements, integrating education and training into organizational goals, managing both classroom and technology assisted learning, and developing and implementing budgets.