Training Specialist Graduate Certificate

Below are the courses and course descriptions to receive a Training Specialist graduate certificate

12 credit hours. All are required.

Adult Learning and Development (3)
Presents adult learning theory as it applies to factors that influence and facilitate adult participation and learning. It examines various theories of physiological, psychological and social adult development.

Needs Analysis, Instructional Design and Measurement (3)
Presents the principles and processes for assessing both strategic organizational and individual learner needs to identify potential instructional needs. Instructional design and development are approached from a performance-based perspective and include such topics as: establishing objectives, utilizing educational technology, and measuring learning outcomes.

Interpersonal and Group Communication (3)
Addresses issues of effective communication in the workplace and in the classroom. Methods of successful communication in both face-to-face and electronic situations will be explored. Many forms and purposes of communication will be covered. They include verbal and non-verbal messages; formal and informal presentations; one-on-one, small group and large group facilitation.

Applied Research and Evaluation (3)
Provides students with strategies for developing research for practical applications in continuing education and training. Students will develop questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews for the purpose of needs assessment and evaluation. Standards of evaluation will be applied for useful, effective, and ethical results.