Curriculum: Bachelor of Science Health Care Leadership

Liberal Education courses (9 semester hours)
All students are required to take the following three Liberal Education courses at USF
Writing for Professionals (3)
Research & Decision Making (3)
Christianity in the Modern World (3)

All students must also meet the following four course requirements. Transfer hours are evaluated by the Academic Advising Center as approved by the academic departments to determine if any of the requirements have already been met.

Additional Liberal Education courses (12 semester hours)
Economics & Stewardship (3)
Environmental Science & Social Implications (3)
Understand Literature & the Arts (3)
Founders of the Modern World (3)


Required major courses (29 semester hours)
Management in Healthcare Organizations (3)
Ethics in Healthcare (3)
Healthcare Delivery (3)
Health Information Management (3)
Healthcare Accounting & Budgeting (3)
Health Law, Regulation and Policy (3)
HCLD 403 Organization and Human Resource Management (3)
HSAD 603 Organization and Human Resource Management (4)
HCLD 407 Medical Sociology (3)
HSAD 607 Medical Sociology (4)
Epidemiology (3)


Health Care Leadership Electives
Select from the following:

Applied Health Care Management I (3)
Applied Health Care Management II (3)
Organizational Development (3)
Business, Society, and Environment (3)
Service Management (3)
Managerial Communication (3)
Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace (3)
Team Building & Development (3)
Technology in Leadership (3)
Strategies for Change (3)
Human Resource Issues for Leaders (3)
Contemporary Issues in Leadership (3)
Performance Improvement (3)
Topics (1-3)
Assigned Research in Leadership (1-3)
Public Health (3)
Global Health (3)


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