International Studies Program (minor)

This minor is designed to provide students with an international perspective on their major discipline. The goal of this program is to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on global (and local) issues with a better understanding of language, culture, and history of the world. The program requires significant experience with a foreign language, travel experience and interdisciplinary problem solving.

Minor Program (24 semester hours)

Foreign language requirement (9 semester hours):
Students must take three semesters any college-level foreign language (at least one semester must be taken at USF or in USF study abroad programs). Students may petition to fulfill foreign language requirement through language study through alternative locations and methods.

Study abroad requirement (Minimum of 3 semester hours)

The requirement is flexible in terms and may be met through semester abroad, travel study, or academic component of university ministry trips. Fulfillment of this requirement is determined in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Required Courses

Intro to World Politics, International Law, and Organization (3)
International Studies Capstone Seminar (3)

Electives: (6 hours)

Business/Social Sciences (choose one course from the following:)

International Business (3)
International Economics (3)
International Marketing (3)
Comparative Political Analysis (3)
The Middle East in World Affairs (3)
The US in World Affairs (3)
Travel and Tourism (3)
Introduction to Anthropology (3)

Humanities (choose one course from the following:)

Art History – Ancient, Medieval, And Non-European (3)
Twentieth Century Literatures in English (3)
World Literature I (3)
World Literature II (3)
History of Africa (3)
The Middle East (3)
History of India (3)
History of Latin America (3)
Medieval Europe (3)
Early Modern Europe (3)
Modern Europe (3)
Classical Civilization of Greece and Rome (3)
World Religions (3)

*Taken after all other requirements are fulfilled