Terre Layng Rosner

written by a Mass Communication student

  • Talents prevail
  • Avid reader
  • Inside the classroom

Associate professor and chair of the Mass Communication Department, Terre Layng Rosner is in her 10th year teaching at the University of St. Francis. Writing books, teaching courses, and designing her own graphics are just a few of her talents. Rosner’s area of expertise is visual communication, digital visual technology, and fine arts. Armed with a terminal degree in Fine Arts she has become a distinctive print, web, animation and traditional artist.

Talents Prevail
“Mass Communication is such a changing discipline, it never stays constant, it’s always moving, morphing and this reflects who we are and our society,” said Layng Rosner, when asked about the current state of Mass Communications.

Rosner applied her teaching and graphic talents by co-authoring a textbook titled, The Practice of Communication Technology. She wrote, created and designed the book in collaboration with her sister, Dr. Jacqueline Layng, an assistant dean and professor of Communication at the University of Toledo. The book has become a valuable visual communication text for college students at USF and across the country. Layng Rosner received the USF Excellence in Scholarship Award in 2004 for co-authoring the textbook.

Avid Reader
As the chair of the Mass Communication Department, Rosner is busy. When not teaching courses, coordinating events, attending conferences, taking workshops, sitting on committees or planning and running the department, she finds a respite in casual reading. Rosner is a sap for romance novels because they “diffuse different situations from reality.” She also enjoys watching cooking shows because, as she claims, “I never was too talented in the kitchen. I marvel at what the chefs can do. I really do wish I had the skill to cook.”

Inside the Classroom
Layng Rosner’s teaching and learning philosophy is intended to drive practical application. A substantial understanding of the liberal arts equips the graphic artist in both digital and traditional media development. The Mass Communication discipline helps students to understand the importance of the messages that are sent through the media. Layng Rosner teaches her students how to make these messages more effective through composition, type, design, and theory. Her background in web and graphic design helps students understand the basics of design, and how to relate their designs to the target audiences.

Layng Rosner’s policy is to teach the students to apply themselves in a ‘real world’ context. Creativity is stressed throughout all of her courses to get students to think imaginatively: to construct something they have never seen before. She most enjoys teaching her students how to invent, and then seeing their final result. “I teach in order for my students to gain knowledge. To me, memorization is over-rated. Memorization teaches students to memorize material for only a specific task like a test. Hands-on experience teaches students to comprehend and apply the material to every day life. The point of my class isn’t to simply memorize the book,” Layng Rosner says, “I want my students to walk out of the classroom understanding what they are doing and why they are doing it, rather then just reciting what they hear from the professor.

The people of the University are important to Rosner, as well. The students and faculty of the University of St. Francis create a community that makes it enjoyable to teach as well as learn. “The USF Family is what keeps me here year after year,” says Rosner. “That includes the administrators, fellow faculty, staff and students. The sense of belonging and relationship is awesome.”

Layng Rosner teaches Introduction to Mass Communication, Web Page Design, Website Design, Introduction to Graphic Communication, Digital Imaging and Illustration, Digital Photography, 2D Animation, Portfolio, and Core 1: Speech Communication.