Curriculum: Master of Science in Management (MSM)

Graduate Admission Requirements

The MSM requires 36 graduate credit hours:

  • MSM Core Courses (24 credit hours required)
  • Concentration Courses (12 credit hours required)

Major Program

Management Core (Six are required for 24 hours)
Developing Personal Leadership (4)
Organization and Team Leadership (4)
Leading in Diverse and Changing Economy (4)
Performance Measurement and Financial Management (4)
Leading Continuous Improvement (4)
Leadership Practicum (4)

Management Concentration (select 12 semester hours from the following)
Project Management (3)
Human Resource Management (3)
Business Ethics (3)
International Business (3)
Business Logistics (3)
Transportation Management and Economics (3)
International Logistics Management (3)
Topics in Business (1-4)

Health Administration Concentration (select 12 semester hours from the following)
Medical Sociology (4)
Health Information and Quality Management (4)
Financial Management of Health Services (4)
Health Care Law (4)
Health Care Ethics (4)

Training and Development Concentration (12 semester hours)
Foundations of Continuing Education & Training (3)
Adult Learning and Development (3)
Needs Analysis, Instructional Design & Measurement (3)
Program Development & Evaluation: Applied Research Methods (3)

Logistics (select 12 semester hours from the following)
Project Management (3)
Business Logistics (3)
Transportation Management & Economics (3)
International Logistics Management (3)


Second Master’s Degrees

Master of Science in Management (MSM) to MBA

Foundation Courses (8 semester hours)
Survey of Marketing (2)
Survey of Quantitative Methods of Statistics (2)
Survey of Economics (2)
Survey of Financial Accounting (2)
Note: These requirements can also be met through undergraduate courses.

MBA Core Courses (20 semester hours)
Managerial Marketing (4)
Managerial Economics (4)
Managerial Finance (4)
Managerial Accounting (4)
Business Ethics(4)

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