DARA Curriculum


Performance Skills/Applied Music (8 credit hours)

MUSC 241-MUSC 357 Applied Instrumental Music, Piano, or Voice (5)
Music majors with a concentration in DARA must take a minimum of 5 semesters of applied music in one area: voice, piano or instrumental music.

MUSC 140 Concert/Recital Attendance (0)
Full time music majors must enroll every semester. Course is a transcript requirement for graduation. No credit is awarded.

MUSC 151 Keyboard Skills–Class Piano* (1)
MUSC 361 Conducting I (2)
MUSC 340 Junior Recital/DARA Project (0)
musc 440 Senior Recital/DARA Project (0)
*Music Majors must pass a keyboard proficiency exam by the end of the first semester of their Junior year. They may test out of the Keyboard Skills Classes at any time. Students who pass the exam with fewer than 4 credit hours may take hours in any other music course(s) to complete the 4 required credit hours in this area. MUSC 151 may be repeated for credit three times (total 4 hours).


Concentration Requirements (24 credit hours)

MUSC 191 Digital Recording I (3)
MUSC 193 Live Sound Recording (2)
MUSC 291 Digital Recording II (3)
MUSC 292 MIDI Composition I (2)
MUSC 293 Live Audio Production & Sound Reinforcement (2)
MUSC 391 Digital Recording III (3)
MUSC 392 MIDI Composition II (2)
MUSC 491 Digital Recording IV (3)
MUSC 492 Audio for Film/Post Production (2)
MUSC 493 Audio File Management, Troubleshooting, Studio Etiquette (2)