Music Minors

Music Minor

A music minor may be combined with other degree programs. The most common combinations include Business, Education and Theology.

Music Theory
Music Theory I (2)
Music Theory II (2)
Ear-Training/ Sight-Singing I (1)
Ear-Training/ Sight-Singing II (1)

Music History
Music History I (3)
Music History II (3)

Performance Skills
Concert Attendance (0)
Music minors must enroll a minimum of 4 semesters. Course is a transcript requirement for graduation. No credit is awarded.
Keyboard Skills (1)
Choral Conducting (2)

Performance Ensemble
Any one or multiples semester of
Schola Cantorum (1)
Concert Chorale (1)
Singing Saints (1)
Music/Opera Theatre (1)
Joliet Symphony Orchestra (1)
Instrumental Chamber Ensemble (1)
Students must participate in at least one ensemble per semester for a minimum of 4 semesters.

Applied Instrument or Voice (4)

Total number of hours for Music Minor (23)


Digital Audio Recording Arts (DARA) Minor

No core Music classes are required for the DARA Minor.

Digital Audio Recording I (3)
Live Sound Recording (2)
Digital Audio Recording II (3)
MIDI Composition I (2)
Live Audio Production & Sound Reinforcement (2)
Digital Audio Recording III (3)
MIDI Composition II (2)
Digital Audio Recording IV (3)

Total number of hours for DARA Minor (20)