First Year – Classroom and Laboratory-based Instruction

The didactic curriculum is 15 months in length (5 quarters) consisting of nearly 1,000 instructor contact hours. (Quarter credit hours are noted.)

Quarter I
Introduction to the PA Profession (2)
Gross Anatomy (7)
Medical Physiology I (4)
Clinical Assessment I (7)
Research Foundation (2)

Quarter II
Clinical Assessment II (7)
Topics in Contemporary Medicine (4)
Study of Medical Literature (2)
Clinical Nutrition (2)
Medical Physiology II (4)
Medical Genetics (2)

Quarter III
Pharmacotherapeutics I (4)
Clinical Laboratory Medicine (4)
Epidemiology/Public Health (4)
Essentials of Radiology (4)
Clinical Assessment III (7)
Research Independent Study (2)

Quarter IV
Pharmacotherapeutics II (4)
Clinical Geriatrics (4)
Obstetrics and Gynecology (4)
Clinical Pediatrics (4)
Diseases of Organ Systems I (4)
Capstone Research Project (2)

Quarter V
Diseases of Organ Systems II (4)
Pharmacotherapeutics III (4)
Fundamentals of Surgery (4)
Didactic Summary & Clinical Evaluation (5)
Behavioral Medicine (4)


Second Year – Clinical Rotations

The clinical learning phase is 12 months in length with more than 2,000 hours of patient care. Eight clinical learning rotations, each six weeks in length, are conducted at a variety of clinical sites.

Clinical rotations are arranged by the Clinical Coordination Team. Students are only assigned to approved clinical sites. Student requests for rotations at specific sites, that are not already approved, will be considered if the site files the necessary application and supporting data and becomes approved by the USF PA Program.

Students must complete at least two rural rotations during the clinical year.

International rotations are no longer available for required or elective rotations.

(Quarter credit hours are noted.)
Internal Medicine (8)
General Surgery (8)
Primary Care (8)
Emergency Medicine (8)
Women’s Health (8)
Pediatrics (8)
Behavioral Aspects of Medicine (8)
Elective Rotation (8)
Comprehensive Summative Review (2)
Capstone Research Project (2)


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