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Gerontology Minor

The Gerontology minor program is designed to provide a basic foundation for undergraduate students who are interested in studying the aging processes and working with mature adults. Housed within the Psychology Department, the Gerontology Minor Program is interdisciplinary, incorporating expertise from the fi elds of psychology, biology, sociology, theology/philosophy, social work and nursing/allied health.


Minor Program (19 semester hours)

Required Courses (16 semester hours)
Take one from the following:
General Psychology (3)
Principles of Sociology (3)
Take one from the following:
Human Biology (4)
Human Anatomy (4)
Take one from the following:
Health and Aging (3)
Adult Development & Aging (3)
Take the following course:
Theology of Death and Dying (3)
Take one from the following
Readings in Gerontology/ Geriatrics (3)
Internship in Psychology *
(or Practicum in Gerontology) (3)
Elective Courses (3 semester hours)
Social Reform and the Welfare State (3)
American Public Policy (3)
Personality (3)
Health Care Systems (3)

*Social Work majors who complete a total of 150 clock hours in service activities associated with elderly clients while completing SWRK 492 Field Instruction & Seminar I and/or SWRK 493 Field Instruction & Seminar II satisfy the requirement of PSYC 497 Internship in Psychology or Practicum in Gerontology.


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