Curriculum: RSTM


Major Program (63-67 semester hours)

The major combines courses in recreation, sport and tourism with business, education, psychology, health and wellness science, public administration and human relations.


Core Requirements (39 semester hours)

Intro to Recreation and Leisure Service Delivery Systems (3)
Program Design and Leadership Methods (3)
Inclusion and Leisure in Society (3)
Outdoor Recreation and the Environment (3) OR Outdoor Leadership (3)
Admin & Resource Mgmt of Recreation and Leisure Services (3)
Fiscal Management and Marketing Strategies in Leisure Services (3)
Professional Development Seminar (1)
Intermediate Field Experience (2)
Research Methods in Recreation and Leisure Services (3)
Senior Seminar (3)
Advanced Field Experience (12)



Choose one of the following concentrations (24-28 hours):


Students in the program must complete all core course requirements and one concentration. Core curriculum focuses on understanding the following concepts and relationships: significance of recreation and leisure throughout one’s lifespan; interrelationships between leisure behavior and the natural environment; issues and trends in the profession; diverse delivery systems; service to diverse populations; health and wellness; program and event planning; community and economic development; facility and resource planning; administration; management and leadership; marketing and public relations; finance and budgeting; risk management and legal foundations; human resource management; and research and evaluation.

The program emphasizes the application of theory to leadership practice in various settings. A unique feature of the program is the Advance Field Experience/Internship requirement during the senior year whereby the student applies classroom learning in a 12-14 week full-time professional work experience.

For further curriculum information, check the USF Catalog.