Therapeutic Recreation Concentration

Therapeutic Recreation Concentration (29 hours)
Note: Concentration is 36 hours total, less 7 general education hours
as noted with asterisk (*)

Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation (3)
Team Facilitation and Leadership Principles (3)
Program Planning and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation (3)
Principles and Practices of Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation (3)
Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Documentation (3)
Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation (3)
Anatomy and Physiology (fulfills Gen Ed. Science) (4)*
General Psychology (fulfills Gen Ed. Social Awareness) (3)*
Abnormal Psychology (3)
Lifespan Development (3) OR Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)


Human Services Electives (Minimum of 5 credit hours from the following):
Human Relations (3)
Survey of the Exceptional Individual (3)
Early Childhood Special Education (3)
Human Nutrition (3)
Medical Terminology (1)
Introduction to Chemical Dependency (3)
Group Dynamics (3)
Introduction to Crisis Intervention (3)
Social Psychology (3)
Learning and Cognition (3)
Child Development (3)
Adolescent Development (3)
Adult Development and Aging (3)
Health Care Systems (3)
The Legal System and the Helping Profession (3)
Principles of Sociology (3)
Crime & Delinquency (3)
Marriage and Family (3)