Forensic Social Work Certificate – Post Master’s

The Advanced Generalist Forensic Social Work Certificate Program (“AGFSW Certificate”) is designed to meet the rapidly growing need throughout Illinois and the Midwest for graduate level trained social workers with a specific level of expertise and experience with law and the legal system. The program will address areas of practice that reflect the relationship between social work and the law, including: child welfare, domestic relations law; family violence; immigration; adult criminal and juvenile justice; public education, mental health; disabilities; and aging. The program is guided by the values and knowledge-base of the social work profession, governed by the University of St. Francis Master of Social Work mission statement, the program’s goals and objectives, and the National Organization of Forensic Social Work Code of Ethics.


Forensic Social Work Certificate – Post Master’s
(14 semester hours)
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Required Courses
SWRK 700 Orientation to Forensic Social Work (1)
SWRK 701 Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Work (3)
SWRK 705 Seminar in Criminal Law (3)
SWRK 710 Seminar in Family Law (3)
SWRK 711 Forensic Practice Skills Lab/Seminar (2)
SWRK 712 Capstone in Forensic Social Work (2)