Natural Science (minor)

Students selecting a minor in Natural Sciences will have the opportunity to attain fundamental knowledge in both the biological and the physical sciences. Students will learn basic concepts in the areas of biological chemistry, cell biology, genetics, evolution, biological diversity, zoology, botany and ecology. A student electing to minor in Natural Sciences may select a concentration in either the molecular or the chemical nature of matter.

Minor Program (18-24 semester hours)

Required Courses

BIOL 124/5 Principles of Biology I (4)
BIOL 126/7 Principles of Biology I (4)
PSCI 101 Introduction to Physical Science (4)


CHEM 121/3 General Chemistry and Lab I (5)

One course from the following :
PSCI 111 General Physics I (4)
PSCI 112 General Physics II (4)

Two elective courses in BIOL, CHEM, or PSCI
(at least one must be upper division) (6-8)

Note: The State Board of Education requires that students seeking a teaching minor in Natural Sciences have a total of 24 semester hours, including 8 semester hours in the physical sciences and 8 hours in the biological sciences.