Federal & Outside Programs for Graduate Students

The University of St. Francis participates in the following federal programs. All students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to determine eligibility. For additional information about federal and state aid, please visit our Financial Aid website. To apply for financial assistance, please visit fafsa.ed.gov. The FAFSA school code for USF is 001664.

Federal Programs

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Award Range: Up to $20,500 per academic year

6.80% fixed interest rate during repayment

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

Award Range: Up to cost of attendance less other assistance and loans

7.90% fixed interest during repayment


Outside Programs for Graduate Programs

Private Alternative Loan Programs

Award Range: Up to cost of attendance less other assistance and loans

Interest varies by lending institution and credit score. Contact Financial Aid Services and review alternative financing options before applying.

Other Resources to Consider

It is wise for students to limit the amount of loan debt borrowed. Before you decide to seek loan assistance, review your financial options and assets. Ask yourself these questions: Do I qualify for employer reimbursement? What amount can I afford to pay on the tuition payment plan? Do I have an eligible retirement account that may be available for educational expenses? Are there any tax advantages to using these funds or the loan programs for my educational expenses?

Remember that you will increase your earning potential upon completion of the USF degree completion or graduate program. Plan wisely for the months ahead and consider consulting with a tax advisor.