Center for Innovation and Leadership


The Center for Innovation and Leadership (CIL) is an entity which fosters innovation and creativity in program design, curriculum development, and project planning. Also, CIL is a leadership training center for USF students engaged in community outreach services with a commitment to making social change and promoting Franciscan values.


Vision and Purpose

CIL provides funding, consultant services, and resources to support faculty, administrators and staff for the development of new programs, projects, and services from design stage through the implementation phase. The focus of CIL is to:

  • Support creative ideas.
  • Provide resources and support for new academic credit courses and certificate programs.
  • Promote projects that improve effectiveness and efficiency of services and quality at USF.
  • Support initiatives which create interdisciplinary interactions and partnerships with internal and external USF consumer groups.
  • Develop new delivery methods and approaches for academic and student service programs.
  • Engage students in leadership activities and co-curricular experiences.
  • Be a resource center for community outreach programs, leadership training, and skill building.


Products & Deliverables

For credit bearing courses, CIL is responsible for facilitating the development of new and creative projects and programs using a “quick start” response system. After an incubation period of no more than two years, the courses and/or programs are formally reviewed by the CIL Oversight Committee, and if considered successful, they are introduced into the governance process.

CIL collaborates with USF Solutions to develop continuing education programs, seminars and workshops. The university recognizes that continuing education/not-for credit programs or certificates may evolve into credit-bearing programs and as such, become the responsibility of CIL and the appropriate academic department.


Contact CIL

Lyle L. Hicks, Ed.D.
Executive Director