August Busch III

Don Birdsell

August Busch III was born in 1937. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri his whole life. August was known to be the wild child of his family. Even with the success of his family August did not seem that he would ever follow in his fathers footsteps into success. After failure had struck August, he began to wake up and turn his life around. Today, about forty years from his start commitment, he has become one of the best businessman in the country. August continues to live in a suburb of St. Louis with his second wife and their two children.

August Busch III. was known as a partier and would rather ski and have fun rather than work hard. With all his partying August dropped out of college at the University of Arizona. It was here where August had failed and was at his lowest point. This is when his father gave him an ultimatum to help him straighten up his life. August started to work for his father at entry level and had to work his way up in the company. August turned into one of the most fiercely disciplined businessmen in America. "At age 38, August III rallied the board and wrested control of the company from his cantankerous father, who at 76 opposed aggressive expansion"(Sellers, 91). August III believed that in order to grow in sales and profit the company must grow as well. Since than Budweiser products control about forty-one of the beer industry in the U.S. (Siler, 182). August III has been the main reason for Anheuser's success over the past forty years. Anheuser has fourteen brand of beer that for the most part are the main source of income to the company. The beer industry covers about seventy-nine percent of the companies total income. August III knows that the market has been slow and needs to maintain its current position. However, as a businessman he also knows that he must continue to improve the revenue of the company.

This is where August III great business sense puts him a step above the rest. He invest in other companies that can have a significant increase in revenue. There are three major investment that he has made. While not all were a great success all are bringing revenue to the Anheuser company. August invested in the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team's stadium (Busch). This has brought in about two percent in sales to the company. He also invested in Eagle foods. This was a trouble spot for the company for many years, but recently has increased its sales to almost two billion, which accounts for seventeen percent of the revenue for Anheuser. The other two percent of the companies revenue flows from theme parks. The Busch Gardens theme parks throughout the country has sales near one hundred ninety-four million. He is always looking for other companies to invest in. August III has improved the revenue of Anheuser though the sales of beer and other ventures. This is why Anheuser is a premier company and why August Busch III is one of the best businessmen in America. Although August III is the chairman of the company and he is the one who runs the company he has had great help from another Busch, his son. August III claims that his son was the reason why they claimed the majority of the beer industries sales because of his fresh ideas in marketing. Not only has August III succeeded in business but also as a father.

August Busch III is a great business man as well as an inspiration to those in business. He began at the lowest level and with hard work made his way to the very top of his profession. He led Anheuser to the top of the realm in the beer industry. Besides this he also has brought in other significant revenues to the company. He was and is a leader that should become a model for the future of business, though hard work and dedication.

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