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These are some other Pollock sites to explore on the Web

The Greenberg Symposia
This is a killer Pollock research link. It includes short biography, works by, and books and articles written about him. Happy paper writting!
Jackson Pollock
This link has a good biography and cool modernist links at the bottom.
"Pollock Paints a Picture" by Robert Coodnough
This is an article written about Pollock in 1951 - includes great personal information.
A Homepage to Jackson Pollock by Harry Hilson
This link has Harry Hilson personally relate in an interesting way and some art samples.
The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc.
Check out Pollock's widow's generosity!
Marki-Mark's Pollock Page
"Good Vibrations" about Pollock in German and English.
Jackson Pollock - View Thumbnails of Images
This link has great pictures of a large chunk of Pollock's work (including the big ones).
Jackson Pollock, selected works 1943-1952
This a gallery of Jackson Pollock and links to modernism.
Issues in Modernism
This link covers Pollock as well as other avant-garde painters, and discusses modernism.
Web Museum, Paris
This links has a good biography and gallery.

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