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The P-3 Project - Team Bios

Get to know the students and teachers who represented the Univeristy of St. Francis in Washington D.C. at the EPA's National Susatainable Design Expo. Unfortunetly the team did not recieve the grant from the EPA, but they will still look for ways to keep the P3 project moving forward!!

The University of St. Francis congratulates all of you on your accomplishments in the project and thanks you for represtenting our school in Washington D.C.!

Dr. Salim Diab
  • Prof. of Chemistry and Principle Investigator (PI) for P3 project
  • Professor at the University of St. Francis for 30 Years

Thoughts On P3 Project
The P3 project exemplified the creativity and commitment of a team of USF students, faculty, administrators, staff, and the community at large, collaborating on sustaining our environment through water conservation practices.
This project, indeed, mobilized an entire campus community to work toward a common goal of improving the lives of all people by utilizing sound environmental practices that promises prosperity of our planet.

Thoughts On Washington D.C. Experience
Regrettably, we did not receive the grant from EPA...Of the 43 schools who competed for phase II, only six received it:
Columbia, MIT, Drexel, University of Arkansas, U. T. at Knoxville, and University of S. Florida.
Nevertheless, our team is a winner in many ways for winning phase I of the competition. The students did an outstanding job representing USF and playing hard-ball with the big leagues...I am poud of them and their achievements.
The P3 project may be slowed down in its scope by lack of funding from EPA but will seek other sources of funding in the near futiure in order to continue our initiative to green USF.

Amber Rister
  • Biology Major
Thoughts On P3 Project
I think the P3 project is a feasible way for the university to stay green.  Since we are right in the middle of a neighborhood it is hard for us to do things a larger university would do, so for us to develop a system to reduce runoff is awesome.  The project took a lot of hard work and dedication but in the end it will all payoff.

Thoughts On Washington D.C. Experience
The D.C. experience was great, we got to meet a lot of wonderful people doing projects that also will help the environment.  It's nice to see other people having the same initiative as some of our students.  We also got to network with some people from the EPA and other companies which is also great.  Overall the experience was great and I wouldn't have changed it for anything.  

Michelle Gearhart
  • Biology Major
  • Environmental Science Major
Thoughts On P3 Project
Our project is a way for our campus to become more sustainable, and to be a leader in green practices for everyday life.  It is a way to not only get the campus, but the community involved.  Our project allows us to act locally, but to think globally.  The choices we make everyday impact our planet, and this project brings to light those choices, and allows people to make more informed decisions.

Thoughts On Washington D.C. Experience
Competing at the P3 expo. was amazing.  It was exciting to see so many students involved and wanting to make a positive impact on our planet.  The judging was intense, but overall, we gained some positive feedback that this project should be used on a large scale, since urban runoff and salt corrosion are such huge problems.

Katelyn Skof
  • Biology Major
Thoughts On P3 Project
The P3 project is an innovative way to help deal with the water runoff and pollution found in many urban areas.  It helps to replenish aquifers and to naturally remove some of the contaminants of the precipitation found in parking lots at the same time.  The implementation of a more green dicer will help to ensure the growth of plants in the sides of roads and to reduce to amount of chlorides that are found during the winter months causing the longevity of cement or in our case pavers to increase.

Thoughts On Washington D.C. Experience
Going to Washington D.C with this project is an forgettable experience.  Seeing so many other schools trying to come up with ideas to help make our lifestyles on this planet more sustainable is amazing.  It was also inspiring to see how many different people were interested in what our project was about.  Going to D.C was not only fun but it got our school name out there as a school that cares and wants to better our area with green technologies and sustainable development.  Hopefully by going to D.C. we were able to make a difference or perhaps give some motivation to the young people who came and saw all of our work.