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April 17-April 21 three students and two faculty members represented the University of St. Francis to compete for a grant to help fund the new proposal of the P3 Project- People, Prosperity, Planet.

P3—Far From the End

For the last few months, Dr. Salim Diab has been the leader of the P3 Project here at USF. The P3 (people, prosperity and planet) Project is a competition in which students work together with teachers to benefit the environment. Grants from the government are awarded to schools that are “demonstrating the possibilities of innovative designs to simultaneously benefit people, prosperity, and the planet.”

In October 2008, St. Francis beat out hundreds of schools and became one of 43 to receive the ten thousand dollar grant. For that, Dr. Diab and the his team examined permeable pavers and how they could revolutionize streets and parking lots everywhere because the new pavement allows water to seep through the surface, allowing
natural filtration.

Recently Salim Diab, Randy Chilton, Michelle Gearhart, Amber Rister and Katie Skof flew to Washington D.C . in search of returning with a phase II grant for their thorough research on Geomelt, an environmentally friendly salt substitute de-icer for streets and parking lots. Unfortunately, USF (along with Stanford and Texas A&M to name a few) lost the battle against Columbia, MIT, Drexel, University of Arkansas, U. T. Knoxville, and University of
S. Florida for the next grant.

Though the USF’s contribution to the P3 project may have come to an end, with the help of Dr. D and his team, we are far from done with the research of Geomelt and permeable pavers. In fact, Michelle Gearhart and Alyssa Lahm will continue to collect data from both Geomelt and the pavers this summer while Salim Diab, Susan Parker and Brien Mchugh are considering different means of funding. All in all, the lack of governmental funding may prolong the outcome but nothing can stop USF’s commitment to helping the environment, serving the people and helping our planet prosper.

Visit the EPA P3 Website