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The P-3 Project - Phase I

Our long-term plan, if feasible, will directly serve our neighborhood and the Will County community (people), local environmental issues of conserving water use (planet), and environmentally responsible commercial needs (prosperity).

The project that was awarded the EPA grant monies has been kicked off to a blazing start.  The proposed plan entails a parking lot using low impact development practices and to test the viability of using drainage water for irrigation.  The parking lot has been placed on the lots of 502, 504, and 506 Taylor Street in Joliet, IL., It includes a surface constructed of permeable pavers, a collection system to collect the runoff of excess precipitation, testing of the collected runoff (to be done in a lab setting), and the recording of the data amassed. 

One major goal of the project is to maximize the retention of water that would normally runoff the parking lot and into the storm water drainage of the city streets.  With the retention of this water in the parking area we should be able to maximize the space allowable for parking instead of creating alternate space for the retention of the water.  Because of limited space in the urban setting of our campus useable space is of premium quality.

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