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The P-3 Project

This project is entirely complementary to the University of St. Francis (USF) history and mission, whose central theme has been and remains meeting “unmet needs” of learners and learning communities locally and nationally.  USF has become an incorporated university serving some 4,300 students nationwide with more than 60 areas of undergraduate study.html and 11 graduate programs, is located in a residential neighborhood of Joliet, Illinois.  Today USF continues to live up to its mission as being a Franciscan university.  Concerns for the environment (planet) and the place of humans in the environment (people) are essential in living up to the Franciscan mission. 

The city of Joliet is itself located in Will County, one of the fastest growing counties in the state and nation.  The number of firms owned in Will County in 2006 was estimated at 39,000. The county has a geographic advantage as a “land bridge” to Chicago and the Great Lakes, and the Port of Chicago is now the third largest container port in the world, following Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In addition, fast-growing residential developments in Joliet have put a strain on the municipal water system. Joliet, unable to keep up with the demand for safe clean water, has had to implement watering restrictions regularly during the summers. Due to the high developing urban areas the use of retention ponds to aid in alleviating the strain on the storm water system is not a viable system.

USF has initiated the program to reduce the amount of water runoff into the municipal storm drain systems that flow into our local rivers and streams, and to collect and reuse the runoff throughout campus.  Phase I of the plan essentially looked to test the feasibility of such goals through the use of permeable pavement and an underground drainage and holding system, which is located within a small parking lot on campus.

Universities throughout the United States have begun to implement related programs specific to their particular areas.