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We invite you to check back often as this Living History project is a work in progress. We have more than 100 years of progress, education, tears and laughter to share and memories are being created daily.

Anyone with a connection to CSF/USF is invited to share their memories, stories and pictures with us.

Please contact Linnea Knapp, Archives Librarian at 815-740-3539 or by email at libraryarchives@stfrancis.edu to set up an appointment for a video interview.

Memories may also be shared in writing. For ease of transmission to the website it is requested that any written memoirs be provided typewritten and when possible, available in a digital format. Digital memoirs may be emailed to libraryarchives@stfrancis.edu or provided via flash drive or CD. Photos may also be scanned and provided digitally or they may be sent/delivered to Linnea Knapp.

Editorial staff reserve the right of managerial discretion for articles and photos submitted for publication.

This website was initially created by Jane Cartwright, senior at USF, in the summer of 2005. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about this website.