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I returned to college after a long hiatus in August of 1999; first attending Joliet Junior College and in January, 2002 the University of St. Francis. Nearly every instructor influenced me in one way or another. Without the knowledge and tools that each of these instructors gave me, this website would not be possible.

The idea for this website was conceived in December, 2004 after meeting with Janet Gayle and Terry Cottrell from the USF Library on another project. Janet proposed a wish to record the memories of our beloved Sisters of St. Francis who have so influenced the progress of the University of St. Francis.

Many individuals have contributed their resources, knowledge and help to this website.

I would especially like to thank Janet Gayle and Terry Cottrell for entrusting this project to me;

Professors Terre Rosner and Loretta Pearson for their encouragement and constructive criticism;

Glen Gummess and Chris Harvey for their video expertise;

Sister Marian Voelker for her knowledge of archival resources of USF history, and her contacts for the Living History videos;

Chris Montgomery for her time and efforts in transcribing the audio in the videotapes;

my dear husband Bob for his patience and encouragement;

and last but not least The Holy Spirit for enlightment during those times when I needed Him most.

Jane Cartwright