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Incorporation 1962

"The administration of the College of St. Francis and the Congregation Administration spent several years preparing for the separate incorporation of CSF. Legal advisors of both the college and the congregation favored separate incorporation. A consultant from the Association of American Colleges strongly advocated this change. He advised ‘…to make CSF a legal entity and enable it to work efficiently and make more effective appeals for support.' Funding for a new residence hall, a new library building and an auditorium was listed as an immediate need. The Charter and Bi-Laws became a reality on October 22, 1962.
  The building era had begun shortly before with the erection of St. Albert 's Hall, a much needed science building.
  As in the 1920's there was a great show of support from the people of Joliet and former students of CSF. Property across Taylor Street was donated to the newly incorporated institution by the Sisters of St. Francis. Government grants helped build Marian Hall and the library. The 1960's witnessed material growth evidenced in new buildings and academic growth in the extended curriculum of this Franciscan Institution."2
  "Lay students in 1965 outnumbered religious students by a three-to-one ratio. The graduation call rose from the original eleven in 1933 to 125 in 1964.
The Seraphic Spirit of Learning In 1953 the College inaugurated the Seraphic Institute (also known as the Franciscan Institute) of Theology. Between 1953 and 1965 it conferred 205 certificates and 35 Master of Arts degrees in Theology. The Graduate Institute received preliminary accreditation by the North Central Association in the summer of 1964."3

"In 1965, the Sisters of St. Francis marked a century of progress in education, especially in the evolution of the College of St. Francis ."2