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"Normal" Art & Music

The " Normal " Institute awarded certificates in the years 1882, 1887, 1896, 1901 and 1906.
  During the interim when St. Francis Academy " Normal " curriculum was closed to outside students the Sisters provided training for teachers; however the Sisters continued to offer classes in Art and Music to extern students."2
Academic Wing "A new academic wing was added to the convent during 1912 -1913, and the Academy reopened in September of 1915 with facilities and faculty available for kindergarten through high school students. Eventually lack of space and personnel necessitated the elimination of the elementary program, limiting enrollment to high school students."7
  "With the help of the City of Joliet, former Academy students and many friends the financial burden was lifted from the Sisters enabling them to continue advancing the education of so many girls.
  The catalogs of the reopening of St. Francis Academy in 1915 and of the next few years attest to its growth and advancement of education. Certificates were issued entitled: Conservatory of Music, Senior Collegiate, Junior Collegiate and Normal Institute."2
Tower Hall Plans

"The growth of the Academy continued and within ten years an even larger structure was needed. The decision was made that the time had come to separate the Academy from the Motherhouse building. Plans for the new building to be known as Tower Hall were drawn.

SFA Cornerstone Ceremony Parade 1922 Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on May 18, 1922. A cornerstone ceremony took place on August 20, 1922, and dedication of the completed structure was held October 14, 1923.

St. Francis Academy continued to operate in this building until 1956, when new facilities were built on Larkin Avenue on the west side of Joliet."7