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Revision & Rearrangement

"With the separate incorporation of the College of
St. Francis in 1962, revisions in administration were in process. Responsibilities that the Congregation Corporation had always assumed were now directly under the Administration of the College of St. Francis. Sister Anita Marie Jochem was the last Sister President serving the college during and for a short time (1962 – 1969) after the Incorporation."
CSF Now Magazine "Dr. Francis Kerins was inaugurated as President of the College on January 31, 1970 and served until the spring of 1974. The March issue of Now listed the many changes the College experienced during Dr. Kerin's tenure.
  The late 1960s and early 1970s found the College of St. Francis and Lewis College in talks about merging the two colleges. The merger failed however the College of St. Francis implemented many changes as a result of a self-study conducted during the 1974-1975 academic year implemented by Dr. John Orr.
  "Dr. John Orr was named president of the College in June of 1974. In regard to his duties, he said, ‘It will be my task to unite students, faculty, alumni, and all who love and cherish the College in a determined effort not only to preserve but also to extend the opportunity for a wholesome, Christian educational experience for young men and women.'
  The self-study addressed and resolved many of the problems which had concerned the North Central Association on their visit in 1973. By the time of their next visit in 1977, the college had achieved fiscal solvency and was operating in the black, had increased faculty salaries and benefits, had raised standards of entrance, had introduced a new governance system, and had reorganized academic departments."7
  "During the seventies, a transfer agreement was reached between the administrations of the College of St. Francis and Joliet Junior College . This agreement described the transferability and acceptability for the major of each course taught at the junior college. CSF also agreed to award junior standing to transfer students who completed the associate degree or had 60 semester hours of credit."7