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Transcript of video:(June, 2005 at 93 years young)
Editor's note: Sister Agnes went to be with our Lord on March 7, 2006.

Sr. Agnes Vondra

I came to the convent and my father told me that when I become a Sister I should be called Sister Ludmilla because St. Ludmilla is the patron saint in Czechoslovakia, because my father was a dedicated Knight of St. John. We were in Cleveland, Ohio.

In Cleveland, Ohio my pastor was very kind. One day I said to him, "I want to be a Sister." And he said, "You want to go to the Benedictines because of your aunt and uncle, Brother Norbert and Sister Florentine." And I said,"No—I am going to Joliet because for 10 years, or from Grades 1 through 12, I went to St. Procops and I dedicated myself to the Sisters that took care of me and they were the St. Francis."

I came on the last Sunday of January, 1933 and the next day Mother Thomasine told me that I will go to the College to study. So I'm a Graduate Nurse, an RN, and with those credits I entered the College of St. Francis and because I was very grateful for the education the Sisters gave me, I went. And in a couple of days Sister Faustina and Mother Thomasine said you are going to the College to study but you will also take care of the Sisters in the infirmary. So I went to the infirmary and I took care of them. During the day I went to classes, at night I was taking care of the Sisters.

My fond memories are of Mother Thomasine because she told me when you graduate as a nurse, call me, and I did. And I said I'm ready but I have to wait because I need to know if I pass state board. I passed state board. I mean those two things are very nice.

Then I went to school, College of St. Francis, and I remember my fond teachers, and Sister Eulogia was very kind. And she said, "Agnes, we are going to let you teach."

I said, "Teach what?" I taught _______________ Information.

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In College classes I had to write a thesis. And I wrote a thesis and Father O'Keefe from the College of St. Francis came to me and said, "What are you fond of?"

I said, "The nicest things they do at College of St. Francis."

Right, now I wrote a thesis: Social Service, Social Service for the Cathedral.

Fr. O'Keefe and I planned a Social Service program. I had to go to Washington and tell them we had in the Catholic Schools no Council of Social Service. The Council of Social Service was that every child entering college, schools need to have Cumulative Records, Cumulative records from birth, before birth, birth, delivery—the mother and father had to help.

And Father O'Keefe said and now when you go to school those cumulative health records should all be put together and when you graduate and when you go to service all your records have to come with you. And so they have pre-school, school—Cumulative Records.

Now in Joliet in the College there is a book. That book has all students who graduated in my classes and they all were health oriented. I took some time off from the College and went to Cleveland and in Cleveland I did Cumulative Records in my parish. In my parish I had a pastor, Monsignor Cherveny. He was very kind. He said, "Agnes, everything you are doing in the College is being written. I said: "Fine, but Cumulative Records are very important."

So that's what happened. Then I went to Notre Dame and at Notre Dame I did the same thing. It is very important for every member that is going to the University: Cumulative Records.

And so that's what I did I came to Loyola –Cumulative Records,

Notre Dame—Cumulative Records.

That was my whole thing: Cumulative Records, but Health Records. Then President Kennedy wrote to me, "What are you doing for the men."

I said, "Cumulative Records, Cumulative Records: Don't take anyone into the service until you find his Cumulative Records: Is he an athlete? Is he mental? You know? And that was very important."

That was Kennedy.

(Little prompt on near death experience)

I was going from home to home and I was taking care of poor people in the parish. I don't know how but it was winter I went into a home and I took care of a nurse that lived next to my parish. My pastor said take care of her but let me know what you are doing—so I did. All of the sudden then it was very cold I went out and I don't know how I got back to St. Procops. Somebody helped me and they said you are in St. Procops. Fine. I got a very high temperature. I contracted spinal meningitis. I was in City Hospital because I was so contagious. The pastor came to visit me and said, "Agnes, you are going to make it."

I said, "I will, but you need to pray, and I'll help."

All of the sudden I got into a wheel chair and I could wheel myself. Doctor said, "What are you doing?"

This was Dr. Allan Goldberg, who is still living, still at Loyola, he was the one who took care of me at Loyola, no in Cleveland, he followed me to Loyola for cumulative records.

And then I got better and as I got better I asked to go teach, to Loyola—it was not Borromeo, it was the other one. I got better.

In 1933 they put me in the infirmary and put me on the top floor of the College of St. Francis and I was in a bedroom there. I began to write all about this, it is someplace in my notes.

(Prompt about near death experience)

Vivian took care of me. To this day I will thank her. I thank her; she did not pull the plug. See I had a trach, she did not pull the plug. I am still here.

I asked is there a Legion of Mary around? Somebody from St. Anthony's in Joliet came to my bedroom. I told him I belong to the Legion of Mary. He said we will make an accumulation; we are going to add your years. I said way back when I was a girl I belonged to the Legion of Mary. I lived a whole life dedicated to God; I took care of everybody for nothing and never charged. That's when Dr. Allan Goldberg talks to this day about being kind in the heart and mind, take care but not for money.

(Prompt about Trinity School )

A mother brought her child to my college class. She said my child is mentally retarded. That's OK, I taught her the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father. And I said to the lady keep saying, "Jesus, Jesus,Jesus, nothing else."

Then the girl came back some years later and said you taught me to say "Jesus" and I'm still saying, "Jesus", everyday.

Oh, I knew her name the other day, I thought of it.

I came here and Father Antl came to my bedroom and he said, "You belong to the Legion of Mary. The Legion of Mary has to be exposed."

And so I said, OK and got rid of TV, everything... in my bedroom is the altar of the Legion of Mary. I am still dedicated as a person to the Legion of Mary.

Now that you came I believe this is the week of the Holy Trinity.

My father's name was Aloysius. I dedicated my life to my father.

And one day he told me: "Agnes, sing for me."

"I'll sing to you:
Darling I am growing old, Silver threads among the gold, Down upon my heart today, life is fading fast away. But my darling you will be always young and fair to me, but my darling you will be always young and fair to me."
And the other one "Whispering Hope" to me was my mother's song.
"Darling I am growing old" was my father's song.

I know in my bedroom I sing day and night because sometimes my pains in my legs are so bad, I begin to sing, then I close the door.
That's all.