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Transcript of video (dated June, 2005):

Sr. Anita Beloin

I came from the College of St. Francis, because that’s what it was known as when I entered it in 1964.

As a lay student, I came from my home state of Maine. And I was trying to decide what College to go to and I applied to 3 or 4 Colleges.

And the College of St. Francis had a sister program where sophomores would take on 1 freshman coming in and write to them and invite them. And it seemed so inviting that I couldn’t resist.

I also was impressed by the reasonableness of the College. It was inexpensive at the time to go to. And finances were certainly a concern, so I thought that would be a good choice.

The part of Maine that I grew up in was mainly Protestant. In my graduating class in public school, there were only 3 Catholics. So I thought it would be wonderful for my growth to go to a Catholic College. And so that’s why I chose the College of St. Francis.

When I entered its’ doors, they were very welcoming.

Sr. Rose Agnes, especially, was concerned for those students who didn’t have a background in Catholic Theology.

So she offered for the first semester an informal class where we would just gather and she would help to instruct us on fundamentals of Catholicism, which was very nice of her to do.

I was deeply impressed with the College sisters, especially Sr. Emeran and Sr. Joan, because I took many classes in Chemistry.

So impressed was I that in my the beginning of my junior year, I crossed the campus and entered the Sisters of St. Francis.

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And so that’s my story about the College of St. Francis. Thank you.